Add speaker selection to audio tab

As a regular user of AirPods on Apple TV, I was eager to install tvOS 11 beta for its better integration with the AirPods.
If you want to reconnect the AirPods after using them on another device, in tvOS 10 you have to leave your app, go to settings, Remotes and Devices, Airpods, Connect.
In tvOS 11 you only have to pull down the Audio menu within your app and they get listed in the speaker selection, even if they aren’t currently connected (just like in iOS).
Unfortunately Infuse’s Audio pull down menu doesn’t feature the standard speaker selection and so I still have to go to the settings app. It would be nice if this gets added until the tvOS 11 release.


Now that the first tvOS 11 features are arriving I wonder if my suggestion is still up for consideration. To clarify I attached a screenshot: On the bottom you see the default Audio interface where you can comfortably switch your Audio output from within the app, on top you see the current Infuse interface without this feature.

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Like others I bought the AirPods and this function would be great to watch TV wihtout waking up everyone at home.



Now available in 5.9. :slight_smile:

I already checked it out. :slight_smile:
Thanks, James.

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