Add Source with no password

When I try to add a source to Media Player it won't let me proceed without entering a password. There is no password to enter...

same problem for me. have been trying to read up posts about but couldn't find a solution. my external disk doesn't have a login/password, so there's nothing to type at that point of the process... I tried using " Guest" as when I connect using my laptop but that didn't work either.


thanks for your help.

I've kept trying so add a bit more information for anyone with knowledge to help out.


Media Player simply doesn't recognise the NAS external drive. I can connect to it using XBMC (it shows up as an UPNP drive, not SMB). I connect using my Macbook using the AFP protocol. All without password, that is as "guest".

What could I be doing wrong? Thanks for any tips!

Sorry, guest access is not supported in the current version. This will be added soon.

I’m also having a similar issue. It asks me for a username and password… And I don’t know what they could possibly be. Any suggestions?

unless you’ve changed your aTV password, you should try “frontrow” as both username & password.