Add secondary icons for Favorites (selected/not selected)

Sometimes I find it difficult to see which icons/section is selected in the Favorite section on the Apple TV. I’m using the all black background and are using a dark background on the icons I have decided to use instead of the standard ones.

My suggestion is that as an addition to the change of size of the selected icon/section when moving from one icon to another in the Favorite section, it would be great if there also could be possible to have two jpeg pictures associated with each icon/section.

That would make it possible to have icon displayed when it’s not selected and another when selected. It could for example be a black and white icon when not selected and a color icon when selected. As you know this is very common on homepages on the Internet.

Anyone else that agrees with me on this suggestion?


I like your idea except for the suggestion of black and white.
The current method works while you are watching the screen because movement is easy to see. If you look away and the back, it’s hard to tell you you stopped unless you select something else so the movement catches your eye.

Thanks for your reply. The black and white was just one suggestion how to use it. :wink:

I would like to see this feature so flexible that you can upload the icons yourself (like today) and select the icons used for active and not active.