Add same Plex server twice with different users

I have Plex integrated with Infuse. Very happy with that. But there is me and my wife, and my kids. I’d like my kids to easily browse only the cartoons, and not be bothered with all the things we are watching. Is there any easy way to achieve this?

I have a ‘Plex home’ setup, so the kids have their own user within Plex. I tried to add a second Plex share to Infuse, same server but with a different Plex home user. But this doesn’t seem to work. After entering the Plex authorization code Infuse presents me with the already existing Plex share, and offers me to edit it. That’s not what I want. I want to have it added a second time. So that I can instruct the kids to browse through that second Plex share in Infuse.

Any ideas?

Unfortunately, Plex home users aren’t supported at this time, but one way around this would be to add Favorites for the libraries you want to access. Doing this would allow your kids to tap a single ‘Kids’ item from the home screen, which will list all their videos. You can also lock down the other areas via Infuse’s Parental Controls (via Settings), if you are worried about them stumbling upon something that may not be age appropriate.

Favorites for specific Plex libraries can be added via the Plex share edit screen.