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First of all, I love Infuse 4. I love it so much that I bought the new Apple TV just for it. I used to go with Beamer on my Mac and the 3rd generation Apple TV, but now I can play my movies and TV shows right from my server. So thanks for all the good work, It’s fantastic and exactly what I needed.

I patiently waited for the first update to become available and thus be able to set an FTP share (since there was a bug preventing from selecting another protocol than SMB on the first release), but now I face another problem: when you add a new favorite folder, you can’t choose the current folder you’re in, as it must be a subfolder. Sadly, my FTP user’s home directory is the folder I’d like to add to my favorites, for security reasons. To get around this issue, I had to change my FTP settings to the parent folder and then start over to finally select the right directory.

I think it would be better if you could add the current folder to favorites, the same way you do when you add a subfolder, but right at the root of the share or when a file/nothing is selected, for instance. On top of that, it would also be great if the folder title (when you open the favorite from the main screen, at the top of the screen) had the name you chose beforehand and not the actual folder’s name on the remote share.

Thanks in advance!


I have the same concern. My server is a shared server and I am not allowed to access the parent folder. Can we have the option to just browse a folder and start a movie from there instead of having to add favourites?

Thanks again for this great app!

The option to add the root folder as a favorite will be available in an upcoming version.

Stay tuned.


Any news on this? It’s not very convenient to add each subfolder…

I’m also strugling with the lack of this feature. There have been three releases since the remark of James. Any update as into which release this will be included?

Btw, love the app!

Also interested in an update - I love the app, but it’s a bit inconvenient to have to create a new folder on my server just because I can’t select the share root as a favorite.

Any updates here?

How can I add a root folder as a favorite?


I am actually very enthusiastic about Infuse, but I don’t understand one big limitation of the webdav feature:

Why can’t the entire webdav access be shared to the media library (root folder)? In many cases a webdav access is already limited area anyway, so I can’t really see the reason for this decision.

For me it looks like this: I use a cloud provider that provides me with a download area via webdav. This area is my “User Folder”, on which I can not create subfolders myself. These are created automatically for each new download.
So when I add something to my storage, I would like to have this content automatically displayed in Infuse. Currently, I have to create a new favorite for each new content that points to the respective subfolder.

Thanks in advance

I have the same issue. Due to QNAPs implementation of WebDAV I can only share each folder as a separate WebDAV share. I want to be able to access my Download, Series and Multimedia folders, but Infuse will not add these to the Library because they are the root of the share and I cannot favorite them. Is there any indication on if or when this will be added?

Thanks in advance!

Same here, very interested to add the root folder as a favorite please!
Best regards.


New subscriber here and I’m trying to find any way around having to manually favourite the directory of any new media I add to the premiumize WebDAV. Seems like I can’t make the root of WebDAV a favourite, but the app I use to add files to it automatically places every new download at the root and there’s no way I can change it.

I’m coming from a relatively seamless experience with another app so it feels very tedious that I’m having to either a) manually move all new files in WebDAV to another folder away from root or b) manually make all these new directories a favourite within Infuse.

Is there anything I can do here or is there some way I can make the root a favourite?

I moved your post to a currently running thread in the suggestions forum for this feature.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

Thanks. Users have wanted this since December 2015?


this functionality was promised on 2020. Any progress on this?

@james do you have an update on this issue? You posted “The option to add the root folder as a favorite will be available in an upcoming version.” in 2016

This should be so easy to implement…

The ability to add the root folder to the Library has been added in today’s 7.4.10 update.

On iOS/macOS, this can be done by navigating inside the root folder and selecting ‘Add to Favorites’ option, or by long-pressing on the saved share in the Files section.

On Apple TV, navigate inside the share’s settings page and select the ‘Add All Files to Favorites’ option.

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