Add/Remove Picks of the day

Is there a way to turn off picks off the day?

yup, on the ATV go to the screen edit icon and you can navigate to the edit and remove it.
tvOS Infuse Home screen


Much appreciated.

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Yesterday all was fine. Today Infuse got to version 7.3.3 (3987) with new useless junk on the screen called “Picks of the day.”

How can I get rid of it?
Settings only allow switch between

  • Movies & Shows
  • Movies only
  • Shows only

Where is my option - Off ???
How to get rid of it???

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Moved your post to a thread with the answers. :wink:

Answer - yes.
Fix location - confusing.

Thank you, Bullseye

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Running 7.3.3: in settings, Picks of the Day section has NO option to turn it off. How is this accomplished?

Moved your post to a thread with the answer. :wink:

With so many (even 1 is too many) people having problems with disabling useless things in UI, it leads to the bigger issue/question - is the UI experience at fault here, if it is that hard to find anything in it?

Ok at least there’s a solution but why in the heck is it there vs in settings under Pick of the Day?

I meant this screen, apart from the main icons to the library and such I have already emptied out the screen.

I don’t think that would be possible since this is where you go to re-install it on the home page with a long press like when you want to add library filters to favorites on the home page.

Well, in the Optoma there is an option to turn off Up Next, there is an option asking what to put in Pick Of The Day. I don’t see why it cannot contain an op ton to not show it at all…

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