Add/remove from Plex Watchlist

@James are there any plans to extend this function to work with media server shares like Plex (not using Library Mode)?


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Yes, the option to add to Plex’s Watchlist will likely land in the next update.

Managing Continue Watching items for Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex will hopefully come in the future.


@james Good news, thanks for the quick response.

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So does this mean, that we will be able to increase the number of plex watchlist items (currently it maxes out at 9 in infuse). I would like it to match my actual plex watchlist and not limit it to 9.

There are also some fixes in progress for the Watchlist. Testing in 7.7.4 I am not seeing a 9 item limit here.

Though keep in mind, only local (playable) items will appear. Items from streaming services will not appear in Infuse.

Watchlist not to be confused with ‘Watching’ list. The latter maxes out at 20 items for me on the tvOS Infuse app. It would be great if that limit could be removed and if I could remove items from it.

Good observation.

‘Watchlist’ is specific list where you can add items to you plan to watch.

‘Watching’ in Infuse, is a list which will contain items from Plex’s ‘Continue Watching’ list. This will be in-progress items.

We are looking into ways which may allow Infuse to manually remove items from ‘Continue Watching’ without having to mark them as fully watched.

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Tx for the quick reply.
no problem on iOS or other mobile devices to view more from watchlist (although would be nice to see streaming services) .

On Apple TV however, there is no option to select “see all” so I am being limited to nice on the main Home Screen.

Do you have many other (non-local) items in your Watchlist? If so, this should be resolved in the next update.

The bug related to non-accessible items was affecting what would appear in the Watchlist. What I am seeing here now (in the 7.7.4 beta) is the first 20 appear on the Home Screen, and then a ‘See All’ button to access the rest.

Appreciate this is off topic but I would really like to be able to see my complete Plex ‘Watching’ list in Infuse, not just the first 20 items. :slight_smile:

I agree this could be a good addition.

There’s a suggestion thread here you can follow for this.

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Yes thank you. I was being a bit cheeky because I think this suggestion has maybe been conflated with the Watchlist one so I wanted to get it noticed here :slight_smile:

The ability to add/remove items to/from Plex’s Watchlist has been added in today’s 7.7.4 update. :slight_smile:

Add to watchlist is working fine but after adding, if I try to remove it, the option still says add to watchlist and there is no way to remove it. Is this just me?