Add "Reduce Loud Sounds" option to pulldown menu during playback

Would be very good to have a shortcut to this feature available. Most apps have this.
Just add another option alongside „speaker“ and „volume boost“. Thanks in advance!


Good day All,

I am really enjoying using infuse on the Apple TV with a connected A/V receiver and I have made a test using old TV box (WD TV Live) supports Dolby TrueHD & DTS HD MA, and found there is no difference in sound quality both are identical.
I am wishing to add to infuse player the Audio High Dynamic Range feature, It was on my old TV Box and also found in the Apple TV application on the Apple TV.
I have tested with a compatible local movie I have but the option didn’t appear.

Infuse I believe already is using the best audio available in the videos.

The dynamic range section you have highlighted in the second pic is referring to SDR and HDR video not audio.

Exactly, I am asking for adding Audio High Dynamic Range as its there in the Apple TV app video player, but not appeared in infuse app.

The native plex app has had this for a while. I would really like the option to enable/disable this inside of an Infuse drop down menu while playing.
It’s not a good experience asking siri to “reduce loud sounds”. It only gives feedback if it was already enabled.

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Bump. This would be a great feature! Glad to see so many others agree.

Another bump for this.

Especially since tvOS 17 no longer allows toggling “Reduce Loud Sounds” via voice control.

Many other apps (including AppleTV+ and netflix) offer this option. I’d really love for Infuse to do the same (option the the audio drop-down UI). I understand Infuse uses its own custom player, and I hope there’s a way for apps to hook into the OS to toggle it.

Yes, I can enable this on my Receiver, but it’s hidden away in menus and presets and I rarely need to use my AVR remote so I don’t keep it nearby. I want an easy way to turn it on/off as needed using the AppleTV remote. I don’t want to re-invent the wheel. I just want Infuse to have feature parity with other apps.

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FWIW, you can say “reduce loud sounds” and “full dynamic range” to turn on and off that feature. They seem to have removed “turn off reduce loud sounds” and similar, but “full dynamic range” still works.

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Thanks! It was driving me crazy trying to figure out a phrase to turn it on and off!

Asked for this myself. No interest on the part of the developer.

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Would like to see an implementation of Apple’s Reduce Loud Sounds option within Infuse when watching movies and tv shows at night

I moved your post to a currently running thread requesting this feature.

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This is the 5 year anniversary of this request :tada:

I give up. :slight_smile:


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Adding more fuel here: the entire logic of Reduce Loud Sounds and Down-mixing (actual name in Infuse might be different) should be redesigned and added to its own section in settings as well as have as over-rides in the video playback options. Just my 2c. But a redesign and a better logic in settings would make for a good start.