Add "Reduce Loud Sounds" option to pulldown menu during playback

It would be nice to have access to the “Reduce Loud Sounds” option from the pulldown menu during playback, instead of having to exit to the Settings application and enabling it from there.

Dynamic range compression is nice to have for watching movies at night.




That’s already a feature in TVs and receivers. Why re-invent the wheel?

It’s not in every tv or receiver. plus Apple TV default audio tools has the option

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It’s not in every TV or receiver, it’s not always easy to get to, and it requires using the TV/receiver remote.

The functionality already exists in iOS/tvOS; I would just like it to be easier to reach from Infuse.


Please add this setting back into the dropdown menu!

Even if is many receivers like my onkyo this function working only with dd/dts sound not with multich so Infuse should have this option.


The funny thing is today I wanted to assume the same topic :slight_smile:
But you know what is bad thing? thread is from 2019 and still nothing …


plus 1 for this.
this will be very useful

Since I’m logged in anyway, bump…

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Bump, this would be a great feature to add for the Apple TV. There is a Settings for this in the Video and Audio section of tvOS, but other 3rd party apps like Netflix have added it to their pulldown menu. Would love to see Infuse adopt the same for the ATV.

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This is definitely a necessary one. I drives me insane when Movies have ridiculously loud background music.

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It would be nice to have this feature on the drop down menu. For now I am using Siri, if that is something you don’t have a problem with, it is an okay workaround.

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Really? this function still is not got added?
Sorry but I dont get…most apps have this function but NOT top one video player on apple tv.


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Bump + Liked. Thanks for considering adding this to Infuse!