Add Plex "On Deck" items to Apple TV Home Screen When Infuse is Top Shelf

When a streaming app on the Apple TV is on the top row of the Home Screen, many apps (like Netflix & Plex) will show the movies & shows that are “up next”, or “on deck”, or to “continue watching”. Can this be integrated into Infuse?

I love being able to turn on the tv, swipe over to the app, then select immediately which show I want to continue watching without having to go into the app’s main screen to select the show.


It’s there now with the apple TV. What do you have set for the “Up Next List” in settings?

I turned it off, because the On Deck is basically everything I’d want from Up Next, and I don’t care to have them twice.

That’s different than what I’m asking about though, here’s a picture to be more clear:

This is what the Apple TV app has on the ATV Home Screen, as does Netflix. When the app is on the top bar of the Home Screen apps, it fills the top portion of the screen with either the logo or a few selectable titles from Trending or Up Next. Is there a way to have the On Deck titles show up on this screen in the ATV Home Screen?


Yes, turn on one of the options in the “Up Next List” those will show on the top shelf ATV home screen for infuse.

Ah, I see it working for Recently Added, but Watching doesn’t pull anything up. Does it only show part-watched titles? Is there a way to have it show On Deck titles?

Watching is the only selection I have on my Up Next List and it shows fine on the ATV home screen when Infuse is on the top shelf.

If you turned it just to “On” you may have to scroll the top row on the ATV home screen to get to watching.

I see what you mean. Recently Added is working for me, but not Watching (it stays empty both on the ATV Home Screen and on the infuse home page). What does Watching pull from? Is it the same as what should show up on On Deck?

From TV series you are watching and not completed and movies that you haven’t finished.

In that case, I think my Watching section isn’t working.

My On Deck shows the TV shows I’m watching:

But when Up Next List is set to watching…

…it doesn’t show anything on the Home Screen

and nothing shows up on the home page of Infuse either.

Do I have my settings wrong somewhere?

Did you try selecting “On” instead of “Watching Only”? I don’t use plex so I don’t know the way Infuse works with their on deck.

Yeah, I tried selecting “On”, and it still only shows the Recently Added

Ok, now that we’ve clarified it a Plex thing I changed your title (added for Plex) and now others who want the same can add their support to your suggestion. :wink:

Thanks for sticking with me on this! :+1:

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Thanks so much for your help! I’d love to see this added someday :slight_smile:

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Maybe I’m missing something but it already works with Plex: it shows Continue Watching and Recently Added in the top shelf.

The On Deck TV shows will be shown only if you start watching an episode, not the next unwatched one. The logic is indeed a bit different from the Plex app.

Exactly, I’d want the Continue Watching Home Screen preview to show what plex has for On Deck, which would include the next unwatched episode, instead of only partly-watched episodes.

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I wish there’s an option to have series that I’m seeing in the watching section along the movies that I didn’t ended rather than in another tab “On deck”.
In Apple TV this entire segment make the visual of the entire page somewhat poor and “empty”.

Came here to find I’m having the same issue/feature request

The upcoming 7.2.2 release will merge Plex’s On Deck list (and Emby’s Next Up list) into Infuse’s Up Next list, so these items will be visible on the Apple TV Home Screen.

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