Add pinch to zoom

Please add this features for video playback

Pinch to zoom what though? The video?? Not really sure why you’d want to do this.

Yes for video.

Yes for video.

Yeah, just wondering why you’d want to zoom into a film and miss what’s going on outside your crop.

for video with low resolution 180p,360p720p etc…
Because on big screen iPad Air 2 or iPhone 6/6+ very pixelated. With small zoom from 50,49,48,47%… is it better :wink: The standard zoom is 100%.
And good suggestion?? why enlarge?? This idea is for zoom video small(under 100%) and zoom video big(about 100% e.g to 200%) = pinch to zoom :wink:

OK. Personally, that seems like pointless functionality.

Why?? I have many video in 720p on iPad Air 2 with Infuse standard zoom 100% very pixelated. with little zoom e.g from 50% better.