Add ‘Others’ as an option in ‘Picks of the day’ feature

Updated suggestion:
I would like the ‘Picks of the day’ section in the home screen to be able to show items that are categorized as ‘Others’.
Solution is to add ‘Others’ as an option in ‘Picks of the day’ feature. Currently only Movies and TV Shows can be selected.

Hello. As the title suggests, it would be cool to have a section on the home screen which displays multiple (maybe 10) random items from my library.
The list refreshes when the home screen is refreshed or when the app is killed and launched again.

Unless I’m misunderstanding isn’t that what “Picks of the day” does.

It’s in Settings > General.

EDIT. I’m not sure it changes more than once a day (as suggested by the name of the feature🤣) because I turned it off the minute the feature launched but I think it’s similar to what you’re asking for.

I think the mechanism of POTD is good enough. However today it only covers what is categorized as Movies or TV shows. I have a collection of domestic TV series, and in Infuse those would fall into the Others category, hence won’t appear under POTD.
Maybe the request can be to included Others items in POTD.

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Ah yeah, that’s fair enough.

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“Others” isn’t so much a category as a list of media that Infuse finds to be uncategorizable.

Items in “Others” are those that have not yet been added to the Infuse Library (because they are either titles not allowed to be indexed at TMDB, or titles which Infuse hasn’t yet identified and imported into Infuse’s internal metadata library).

I don’t suspect it will be possible for Infuse to randomly select items that aren’t included in its Library (since these are files that, as far as the Library is concerned, do not even exist) and display them in a Library-generated playlist. :man_shrugging:t2:

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