Add onedrive share link

I’d like to be able to share a onedrive folder with another infuse user and they be able to add this as a source to their infuse library. Currently I believe the only way this works is to change the share and give Edit rights so that the user is able to add a shortcut in their own onedrive to the shared folder.

This then exposes the shared folder in their own files however this does not work with ReadOnly shares (see Add and sync shared folders to OneDrive for home - Microsoft Support) hence the feature suggestion to have Infuse support a folder share link.

That sounds like a bad idea.
All those large cloud services are using scanning software.
My whole mp3 catalog was deleted by DropBox.
I wouldn’t trust them.

How is this any different to the current functionality allowing cloud services to be added to your library from that perspective? If dropbox deleted your mp3 catalog then that sounds like something you need to be taking up with them and not really relevant here.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act - nothing more nothing less

If you’re thinking of having your collection entirely in the cloud, you might be in for a surprise. If it’s a one-time or infrequent occurrence, I’m sure not much will happen. I’d just like to protect you from “harm”. The data in the cloud is not yours and can be deleted at any time, upon discovery by the DMCA scanner. Just so you know. So we come to the real question, do you really need this feature to look at a link from time to time? Is it worth the effort? My answer would be - no.