Add 'On Deck' to 'Up Next'

I am using Infuse with Plex on my Apple TV 4K. Having exclusively used the native Plex app on my smart TV, I’m finding the layout of Infuse a little bit confusing.

When testing out Infuse, I played a few files to ensure the videos were smooth, there was no transcoding etc.

Because of this, I see all those TV shows under ‘watching’ which pushes ‘Recently Added’ off screen. I know it’s possible to customise this section to only show ‘Watching’, ‘Recently Added’ or none.

Since I prefer the way Plex handles ‘On Deck’, I was wondering if there’s a way to add this section to the ‘Up Next’ area?

This way I can easily add and remove shows from ‘On Deck’ which makes it easier to manage.

Right now with Infuse ‘Watching’ area, I can’t manually remove stuff from it :frowning:


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Thanks for your post!

This is something we may consider for a future update, and I’d encourage you to upvote and follow along with this thread in the suggestions area.