Add new sorts: 1) "date added" and 2) "last episode date added"

  1. Sort by date added: In the “Movies” library there are a few generic sorting options. There is the “Recently Added” one, but it only displays something like 30 or 40 of the most recently added. I would like a sort option that is essentially “Recently Added,” but shows all items. I also realize there is a setting to sort by date, but it’s kind of an all-or-nothing configuration, which doesn’t lend itself very well to, for example, the “TV Shows” library, so burying that configuration in the settings forces a compromise, which I’d rather not make. I’d like to be able to use that sort for “Movies.” Sorting alphabetically (when you know what you want to watch), and sorting by recently added items (when you want to browse newer stuff added) are two very popular ways to browse content, so it should be easy to switch between them.

  2. Sort by last episode date added: In the “TV Shows” library, like the “Movies” library, there are a handful of generic sorting options. Similarly, there is a configuration to sort by date buried in the settings, but that affects all libraries. I’d like a sort option to sort the “TV Shows” library by last episode date added. In other words, I want TV shows to sort based on the date of the newest episode added, and I want to see everything, not just “Recently Added,” which only shows some. Note that this is distinct from simply sorting by date added, which I’m not entirely certain I understand the sort of TV shows when that is configured, as sorting by “date added” and “last episode date added” could mean two things. Ultimately, like the other sort, there are two popular ways of sorting content, and it should be made easier to switch between them. I shouldn’t have to leave my current context and look for a buried configuration in the settings.

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