ADD Netflix to ATVFlash

Please find a way to ADD Netflix to ATVFlash.

Netflix streaming requires the Silverlight framework in order to function properly.

the processor in the AppleTV isn’t powerful enough to make it work properly from what I’ve researched on the net…

I have Netflix running on my ATV through Firefox with silverlight 4 from a os x 10.5 dist.
I copied all the plugins to the atV and the fonts.
Directions can be found in the net.
I did not Need to copy the coreaudio.framework and it is working.
picture can be a little grainy and choppy at times but this is a limitation of the atv’s processor and limited memory but it is watchable.

You will need a keyboard and mouse to control firefox or if you have an iphone you can use Rowmote pro.

I am NOT associated with rowmote and do not make any money for referrals this is NOT an advertisement.



ok, so tell me you have this working on an old apple tv? 

I have this working on my old Apple TV, via the application PlayOn running on my workstation in my network.  Netflix works fine.