Add Multiple Editions to Collection

It’s currently a hassle to add multiple editions to a collection. You have to click on the title, add one edition to the collection, select another edition, go back to the menu, choose collections, scroll through a long list to get to the collection again, repeat. Can we just have the option to right click a title and add all editions to a collection?

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Are you talking about like having multiple resolutions of a movie you add to a collection wanting all resolutions to be added?

That would be part of it, but I am talking about multiple cuts/versions of a movie like those you would use the {edition-} tag for.

For example I have a lot of Jackie Chan movies that have a Hong Kong Cut, an International Cut, A Japanese Extended cut, etc. Each one has to be added to my “Jackie Chan” collection separately and each is a multi-step process. Other examples would be Blade Runner (I have 5 cuts of it) or Army of Darkness (4 cuts).

I just tried adding only one of a movie that I have multiple resolutions of and the collection showed all of the resolutions.

Have you tried adding just one of the movies with multiple editions and check to see if it show all of them in the collection?

Yes I have. In settings I have it set so that movies don’t appear in my feature films if they are part of a collection. If only one edition is in the collection the movie will still show in feature films. It brings up the same details page regardless, so both versions will still have access to all editions. Maybe it’s more of a bug than a feature request.

Regardless though, we should be able to long press on a movie with multiple items and add it to a collection without going to the details page. And when we do that it should move all of those items into the collection and not leave anything behind.