add movie/tv from a server or nas

 Thought I would take the plunge and purchased MiRow, installed and it works with my itunes files, but how do i add another location beyond my 3 macs on my network and there Itunes library as I have a good movie and tv series store but not using itunes, ie boxee and xbmc  are ok, there is no docs with the download, any help guys.... I am on my own here in the UK....

You can access media on any mounted drive (USB or network) through the Media menu. More info on setting this up can be seen here:

This must be a joke...

there is absolutely nothing about setting up an external drive when we follow your link. It only says that it's possible... Great... but useless.

Guys, you definitely need to write a REAL documentation about MiRow. Your software is really promising but, as simple as it is, we really need more info about how to configurate it.

I didn't use Frontrow before because it was too limited (only itunes compatible video files format, wich means 2...). I'd love to use Mirow so i can read all my files, but the sapphire interface is evrything but intuitive.

What about the import function? Is it gonna scan my drives and automatically recognise movies, TV Show and put them in the right folder inside of Sapphire, is it he right way to do? That would be great. Cause i'm now scanning a 2 TB drive with all sort of datas, you can imagine how long it will take... and i'm not even sure that it will be usefull...

Or can we tell sapphire wich folder contain movies and wich contain TV Show, so we don't have to explore the whole drive each time we wanna access our medias?

I wasn't able to find answers to this questions anywhere on your site, and i've got hundreds more. So it would be a REALLY GREAT idea to put a REAL documentation online.


J.C (Switzerland)

 Check out the getting started manual at sapphires site

Also, a new guide which includes info on accessing non-iTunes media (from local or networked media) can be seen here: