Add Movie/Series Logos to Infuse

Not at this time. Sorry.

But is it something to be considered in a future update?

Is this available to Plex server users because I do not see this change?


Answered above :wink:

Good job on today’s update!!! One thing I would suggest tho is to make the logo location customizable. I would personally prefer it was on the bottom left just like on this screenshot and for it to replace the movie/series title because it is abit redundant having both of them showing like @Cipri mentioned. Other than that good job @james


With the new 7.4 release, are we able to set custom logos?

Yep! More info here.

Thanks James, I figured you guys would update that page in due time!

I have tried using logo.png (e.g. The Mandalorian/logo.png) in the root folder for a few TV series, however it does not appear to override. I am also using the correct folder structure as per the guide.

I have also tried refreshing the library and editing metadata several times with no success.

I have this problem too. I am able to add logos to series that aren’t automatically picking them up, but I can’t override existing logos.

Hi James, that’s great news but I have updated to Infuse 7.4 and downloaded clear logo art named as ‘movie name’-clearlogo.png (300-clearlogo.png) to several movies just to test but nothing is being displayed.

So firstly, is this the correct way to name the logo artwork and secondly how is this implemented to disply with Infuse UI? What am I missing?

Is your movie file named “300.mkv”? I believe you have to use the complete filename followed by the “-logo.png” so if your movie file is

“300 2020 1080p hevc blah blah.mkv”

then you’d want your logo file to be named

“300 2020 1080p hevc blah blah-logo.png”

I believe that’s how it should be.


Changed “clearlogo” to “logo” thanks to eagle eye @munpip214 :wink:

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Is your goal simply to hide the display of logos (by overriding them with empty transparent .png files), or are you testing if you can override the logo provided by TMDB with one of your own?

If the former, you can just turn the settings toggle to OFF — and there will be no more logos.

Isn’t it just “logo”? Where did “clearlogo” come from?


Your probably right, I’ve been running around all day so I was just trying to catch a few problems. I’ll make changes to my post to reflect but I still think it needs the full file name.

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Yes please, put this option. My library is in Spanish, but many times the logo in TMDB is in English and I don’t like how it looks.

And also, I always look for a fanart of my liking to put in each folder of each movie.

There is an option to disable Logos in Settings > General.

What about create an option in a future update where we can replace the white text of the title with the logo?

Hi I am on 7.4 and I do not see a toggle setting for logo to be on or off?

that was just how TMM named the file. I will rename to logo and check it out, thanks