Add Movie/Series Logos to Infuse

So alot of shows have logos on TMDB/TVDB but infuse doesn’t make use of them. @james it would be nice if infuse at some point made use of those logos. If you use the netflix app you might get ideas on how to implement that. I’ll attach some screenshots just for reference.


Oh yes please. And also the other two from here

Perhaps a bit like this:


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Yes, please :pray:

I’ve just added logos to my content on Jellyfin, and would love to see them pulled through to Infuse!

or maybe at the TOP Centered with a little blur around it for blending

@james can you also add it to the loading screen like Zidoo players are doing?


Interesting, though I hope you aren’t see many loading screens in Infuse. :upside_down_face:


I might have chosen the wrong word. Maybe preview screen is a better word for it. When I play the next episode via infuse there is a black screen and the TV show name and episode is displayed. Would be great if the logo could be added as well. Even a preview screen before any episode or movie would be awesome.


This would be a nice aesthetic addition.

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In progress for 7.4. :slight_smile:


What about movie logos?!


Yes, It would be nice

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We get about 10s loading screen when we have to wait for the Plex server to wake, the external drive spin up, and playback start, so I guess it could be worth it for a few of us. 8)

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But there really should be an Option to disable the Logos, if someone don’t like to see it on the PrePlaybackScreens :wink::+1:

Or if there are some false Logos added to the TMDB…

Besides, there are Users who customize the PrePlaybackScreen (in Photoshop) and then we definitely don’t need these hard burned logos!


Im glad to see the logo feature is coming in a future release. Its a nice little touch!

Movies and TV show logos are now available in 7.4. :slight_smile:

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Does this also work when using a Plex/Jellyfin server?

It works with normal Infuse shares, Emby, and Jellyfin (10.8).

Plex does not currently fetch logos, so it won’t be available there. We are looking into possible ways to add support, but it’s not available right now.

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Is there a way to replace the normal white letters with the logo? It would be perfect to be able to do that!

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