Add media library to XBMC


Just bought the ATV patchstick and it works like a charm. I used to have ATVPAtch…and you all know how that worked out :oops:
First of all I want to give a big Props to the ATVFlash team for putting out such a good and (finally) simple product.

Now that said I like to share a problem with you and I hope you can help me out… My question is how can I add the media library that I use for NitoTv (Movies)to my XBMC? If I go to movies I get the following message “No scanned information for this view, switch to the Files view” In the files view I can select the movies and play them. But because I like a slick Media center I would love to know How I can get the view with the Thumbnails (enabled it in preferences)…

The second question is, about the music…I’ve got the same message…where is the Music been stored on the ATV? Can I link to it?

I hope someone can help me out…All help is very much appreciated!!!

PS for the record:
I enabled Thumbnails in Preferences and Update when starting XBMC, but nothing