Add manually Metadata




Please make a function like “manually add metadata”, when i have a movie like this: “sparks-trd2011-720.mkv” the scraper cant found this movie, very helpfull are manually add the movie like “The Rum Diary”.



greetz kab

Are you asking for something different to what is described here:


I think we means adding  the name of the movie with the apple remote so that tvdb could locate the artwork. Many times even with the correct name of the movie the metadata is wrong and it would be nice to have this option to manually add a name for a better search of metadata.

I would like that very much :slight_smile:


It would also bee nice if it is possible to chouse the picture for the movie yourself. When you press the button on the remote and the box with the reload metadata appears, if would bee nice if you can choose an .JPG file from the folder that the movie file is in.


greetz kalle


Yeaaaah ! Exactly that is it what i mean .


Thx kab