Add loop option when opening from Files app

I enjoy infuse but to me it’s lacking a vital feature. I can’t figure out how to set up loop playback for individual videos. Not talking about playlist or folder loops. But if I want to play a video opened from a different app/file browser, there’s no loop option in the gui. Can this be added please?


Any loop option?

You can loop a single video by long-pressing the Play button.

I meant when the video is currently being played and in the actual player UI. For example if I wanted to open a video file in the Files app on IOS, it would bring the player up and no option to loop. Sure if I long press the play button in Infuse that may show up. But if I wanted to start a video from another app, and play with infuse, there is no option. Quite surprised as I’m sure this can be an easy implementation.

What app are you talking about?

For instance if you open from the Files app you are prompted with this. I think they are asking for Loop to be added to this menu or within the playback UI.

Adjusted title and moved back to suggestions for now. Thx.

Is there any update on this feature request? It’s something that I miss frequently since switching from Android and using Infuse Pro.

It’s currently not showing much interest from users so far.

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Fair enough - I’ve just liked the post above, thanks for the reminder.

A workaround for now would be to link a local folder to Infuse, and then browse/play content through that - which would allow for things like loop and shuffle.

  1. Navigate to: Infuse > Settings > Add Files > Add… > Add Local Folder
  2. Locate the folder where the videos are stored, and navigate inside
  3. Select the ‘Open’ option in the upper right corner to link the folder to Infuse
  4. Browse that folder via the Files tab in Infuse, and loop/shuffle anything you like
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Is there any plan to add this feature? Like this is the only reason stopping me from using infuse as my only video player on mac.

Edit:Just a toggle would be enough. The current behavior is always going back to home. If there is toggle in settings to choose from always default to 1.going back to home; 2.loop. that would be enough really.