Add list for later local viewing

Add list for later local viewing.

When you use the playlist option in local it’s perfect, you choose a movie and add it so you don’t lose it in huge databases and if you don’t remember the title you can’t find it.

The playlists that exist now are not useful for third party servers.

To add a movie you have to search your playlist among hundreds of playlists of other users and I never use it for that reason.

I would like a locally created playlist option, either for a remote plex or Jellyfin server, or for local files.

It could be called to watch later or next like apple does.

But have it stored locally this way adding a movie would be easy as it would just be my list.

Or just a “Next” button

Now what I do if I want to watch a movie later to not forget I play it or advance it 15min and it appears in the home “Continue watching”.

But it is a botch. :man_facepalming:t2:

Thank you.

In this screenshot I show the way I used the manually advanced it and that’s how I have it saved.