Add left/right swipe control to Modern PrePlayback

Right now on the modern PrePlayback screen i have to swipe down to see the list i’m currently in, to select the next title or just browse through. The fullscreen fanart (which is the main selling point in new modern view) is cut off and to see it i have to go back up again.

So every time i’d like to just browse and see the modern view in all it’s glory i have to repeat these steps again and again:

  • swipe down
  • select next title
  • swipe up
  • see it, read it
  • swipe down
  • select next title
  • swipe up

So my suggestion and request is to simply add swiping/browsing on the main PrePlayback just to minimize the steps to get to the next title. Just add some subtle indicators on both sides (maybe with a nice fade in/out animation). Kind of like Apple already does it in it’s Apple TV app.

Could look like this:

Additionally it’ll be nice if you would change the behavior when selecting (pressing) on a title in the list to do a swipe up (to see the details and fanart), instead of immediately playing the title.

What do you think, guys?
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+1 for the feature


Is this planned at all ?

Currently Modern PrePlayback navigation is frustrating … (i prefer Classic view, because of this…)

Here’s a Excellent example of great navigation experience using swipe left/right : Simulator Screen Recording - Apple TV 4K (3rd generation) (at 1080p) - 2022-11-12 at 12.35.05 (

(This is from other tvOS GREAT application).

Hope Firecore consider this in future…

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