Add Item to 'Up Next / Watching' Manually

As far as I’m aware this setting does not currently exist, but I’d LOVE an option to add something to the ‘up next/watching’ section manually. Currently it only shows items that I am literally in the middle of watching (or at least one episode in), or if settings enabled - items that have been recently added to the library. It would be really useful to add TV series that I want to watch (up) next by manually adding them. Currently to put it in there I’d have to start watching and put the slider a few minutes in, then it would stay in the ‘watching’ section. It would work like a pseudo-watchlist but with everything neatly up at the top when opening the app. Could be added via holding the middle button on a movie or tv series and then in the menu pop-up ‘add to up next’.

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Wait, you can add movies or TV show episodes to Up Next but what you are asking is to be able to add a show, correct? If so that is something I would really want as well because when I add a single episode (S01E01), it doesn’t always add the next episode to Up Next or at least inconsistently for me. I populate my Up Next list manually all the time & I also remove items from it frequently because it is arbitrarily capped at 20 items, which is too few for me & I need to use third party apps to actually see my “Up Next” list that goes further back.

You can add an item to the watching list without starting to play it.

Select the add to playlist (on the ATV, the button above the Play button which has a menu icon with a + in the lower right corner). Then select the Watching entry on the Up Next List section.

Similarly you can remove an item which is on the watching list by deselecting the Watching entry.

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Huh, I don’t seem to have this option to add to Up Next…Only to add to Playlists that I have manually made in Plex are in that submenu. Are you using Infuse linked to Plex, or standalone/other??

I think it only works with Infuse standalone because when I use it linked to my Jellyfin server o cannot add anything either.

I think you are correct on why you don’t have this option …. I don’t use a media server like Plex, so I do have the option.

Thank you both for your input! Though I doubt it’ll be top of the to-do list for the devs, hopefully they can implement something in the future. Absolutely love Infuse, and this is the only thing I can think of that bugs me about it.

Suggest you update thread title to indicate you want this feature added for Plex users — as mentioned above by @remotevisitor , this is already available to users of plain vanilla Infuse.

And this thread will be closed so the new more specific request can be used. :wink:

In the future, it’d be easier to just edit the title (and original post if needed) like @FLskydiver said instead of starting a new suggestion.