Add Item to 'Up Next / Watching' Manually for Plex/Emby/Jellyfin Users

As far as I’m aware this setting does not currently exist for people who connect Infuse to media servers (but does for Infuse direct/standalone) - I’d LOVE an option to add something to the ‘up next/watching’ section manually. Currently it only shows items that I am literally in the middle of watching (or at least one episode in), or if settings enabled - items that have been recently added to the library. It would be really useful to add TV series that I want to watch (up) next by manually adding them. Currently to put it in there I’d have to start watching and put the slider a few minutes in, then it would stay in the ‘watching’ section. It would work like a pseudo-watchlist but with everything neatly up at the top when opening the app. Could be added via holding the middle button on a movie or tv series and then in the menu pop-up ‘add to up next’.