Add (import) subtitles on Apple TV

Hello …
just suggestion to add private subtitles like ios & ipad os in Tvos
Also make option to rename file to found same topic in find in open subtitles

Like in pic (sample)


Hi there
I asked before long time about adding fonts to tvos infuse …

With tvos 15 … it’s possible?

Any updates? In this suggestion?

hello there
i remember io asked about add fonts to TVOS … i try but i think its diffrunt not like IOS …

i just want if you can add this Font to TVOS Font Library …

also find us a way to upload subtitles from subscene or our cloud Service

thank you

Hello, I am using infuse on apple tv 4k.

Would be very useful if there was an option to load external subtitles, when steaming a video from webdav or server you don’t have access to, from another source (for example icloud, google drive or maybe some ftp server, as I think apple doesn’t allow saving files in local storage).

Many times the subtitles from are out of sync or totally missing for some movies or series.


Could u please support new sites for subtitles ilke subdl or subsaurce …

Or suggest up from teof add way to load external subs from service like icloud or gdrive

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