Add filter for unwatched TV series

Is their a way to switch the Unwatched tv filter to show by the show and not seasons?


This should be available at the series and season level while browsing using the Library.

So if i click Library->tv and then favorite “Unwatched” it gives me a season list. Is there a different way to navigate that I should do?

Yes, if you browse through TV Shows > All TV Shows, you’ll see items grouped by series, and they will have the watched icons present.

Oh, I guess what I was looking for was a series list that only showed shows that had episodes in them. So basically All Series, filtering out stuff that is 100% watched.


Gotcha. I guess that particular flow isn’t available just yet, but may be something we look at adding in the future.

thanks, can this thread be moved over to the suggestions forum? Might be better over there since its an enhancement.

Moved and renamed. :wink:

Just wanted to ask if there’s been any progress on this? When I go into Unwatched TV, I’d rather see just 1 entry for each TV series that has unwatched episodes, then clicking on it would bring up the list of seasons (and/or take you directly to the season with the first unwatched episode). If you have a TV series with a lot of unwatched seasons, the current Unwatched view can get pretty cluttered.

I would like another variant of this … filter out series/seasons that are 100% watched or 100% unwatched.

This is useful if you have a backlog of stuff you have yet to get around to even start watching … but want to finish off those that are already in progress.

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I asked for something similar a while ago

But never got any real feedback on this.

Having each season listed makes it very cluttered when browsing unwatched. We really need this feature, including the variant. Basically we need to be able to create an “in progress” list, that only displays shows being watched. As well as an option to collapse seasons into a single TV show item. Any word on if anything like this will be included?

@james This would be such a helpful feature to have to unclutter larger libraries. Any ETA?

I know this is old but I totally agree. If you’ve got a lot of shows with a lot of seasons the unwatched section can get pretty messy. I’d love for it to only show 1 cover per show and then when you click on that it takes you to all the unwatched seasons.