Add "Fade Out" Effect

Hi James,

This would definitely be considered just a small tweak: As someone selects a movie/video and clicks “play”, I would like to see Infuse fade to black before the video plays instead of quickly cutting to black as the video starts up. To see what I’m talking about, use the Apple built-in “movies” features and either play a preview or play a movie you purchased or rented through iTunes.



That would be great (Fade-In/Fade-Out)!

And please remove the “spinning Wheel” at beginning and End! :slight_smile:
(maybe as Option “Fade-In/Fade-Out” in Settings-Menue)

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would be great!

Its already doing that?

Hey James :wink:

„Fade-IN“ and „Fade-OUT“
Please add the soft Fade-Out (Fade-In is already done, but Fade-Out is still missing) ??

And please set the Start-Transition to BLACK (instead of GREY)…

This Video show you this in Detail:

And hide the „Spinning Wheel“ (tvOS) :slight_smile:
=> Could you please add an Option to hide the „Spinning Wheel“ on Start and End of the Videoplayback?

On very fast Gigabit-Ethernet-Connections, there is no Spinning Wheel needed…
(Only on very slow Networks, to give the User a visual feedback, that something is still Loading…)

If the Network is very fast (Gigabit-Ethernet), then the Spinning Wheel is anyway just visible for 1 Second, and there is an Option needed to completely hide it to give an perfect smooth Transition between the Video and the Infuse tvOS GUI :slight_smile:


Hey James :wink:

Instead of a toggle “Hide Spinning Wheel” in the Settings, you could alternatively set simply a Timeout before the Spinning Wheel appears…

This means:
=> The “Spinning Wheel” is simply not visible, only if it takes longer than 7-8 Seconds to load (this could happen on very slow Network-Setups), then the Spinning Wheel appears to visualize that it is still Loading the Content… :slight_smile:

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Hey James ?

Any news about this? ??
It’s just a few tiny Lines of Code to fix this ?

Please, do us this little Favor ?

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Hey James :slight_smile:

If you find some time on Working on this, please keep in mind the following Points:

Add the missing Fade-OUT at the End…
(Fade-OUT (Video)/Fade-IN (back to Infuse). The Start Fade-OUT/IN is already implemented!)

Set a Timeout before the Spinning Wheel appears…
(for example only after 7-8 Seconds the Wheel appears, to show that something is still Loading)
=> The Spinning Wheel Timeout could also been added during the „Resume“ on Live-Preview Scrubbbing! ??

There is currently a little “Bug” at the Start Fade-OUT/IN:
=> The Start-Transition is fading to GREY! But it should fading correctly to BLACK

This Video show you this “Bug” again in Detail:


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This was implemented a few versions back in 6.2.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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