Add Duplicate scanning feature

A really needed feature is an ability to look for duplicates and compare them based on quality, playability and other parameters…


Currently looking for this feature (and found this post that makes me think I cannot rely on infuse to do it just now).
Would be greatly appreciated if this was added.

Until then, you can help yourself with Movie Explorer (free).

Hi I occasionally download multiple versions of a movie/tv show to compare quality. And usually I forget about them after a period of time. Later I find so many movies/shows clogging up my disc space either on cloud, USB or NAS.

Can you please add a category/filter where I could easily see ALL Duplicates across different storage mediums like cloud, USB etc. So I could delete the version I don’t need. This is a problem I’ve been having for years as my Library is too big and going manually one-by-one across storage mediums is a pain. Some automation is very much needed!


Hi, just browsing to see if this request was already asked.
I know I can see multiple versions of the movie in the ‘movie main page’ itself but I would like to see something like a catalog/filter to browse only the duplicate movies.
Because of many scattered sources I sometimes do have multiple versions of the same movie. So to filter them out please add a filter/library for duplicate movies.

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Ah yes :slight_smile: … ofcourse :slight_smile: … done!