Add Dolby Vision mkv/ts support

There has been some extremely interesting development regarding Dolby Vision. With makeMKV 1.15.1 the developer added DV support for .mkv.

"While not announced on release notes page, MakeMKV 1.15.1 (released 15.4.20) should correctly recognize and preserve Dolby Vision streams in MKV file. "

“Dolby Vision is not a separate codec, but rather a (HEVC) stream extension - DV data (EL+RPU) are encoded in separate NAL units, according to Dolby spec.
The presence of DV data can be checked by several different methods - most obvious are:
(1) DV descriptor in codecprivate data (there is an “standard” of storing additional elements in codec private for AVC and HEVC streams, that was used for ages since 3D MVC video) or
(2)presence of DV RPU unit in first frame.”

See thread over at makeMKV here:

And feature request for the mkv format:

It would be really awesome if you could implement this. I’m happy to provide sample file(s) if needed.



Awesome. If only we could do Atmos too. Have you tried muxing these mkvs to ts file and trying that in Infuse? Do you get DV?

If you want to drop a sample we can take a look.

Great! Sample has been uploaded.

I cut the mkv with MKVToolNix, but I’m not sure whether MKVToolNix preserves the DV information. Sadly, ts muxer doesn’t run on my Mac for some reason, so I can’t check for sure.
Please let me know if this sample works for you. If not I will try another way for cutting the remux.

Haven’t tried it, yet. Can’t get tsmuxer to run on my Mac. Will probably try on the weekend.

Sounds like there are a few different versions of it. Make sure to grab the right one mentioned in makemkv forum.

Uploaded another sample. Please let me know if I can help any further.

I tried muxing a one of these Dolby Vision MKV files into a .ts. It played in Dolby Vision fine in Plex on my Shield TV Pro (2019), but only played in HDR10 in Infuse and Plex for Apple TV.

Can you upload it for James to take a look?

Yeah !! It would be wonderful to be able to play the full Dolby Vision format of the bluray-full

I fully support this request

HDR10+ would be an equally interesting feature next to Dolby Vision. Panasonic has just implemented both formats in its new UHD players and has a nice unique selling point at the moment.

ATV doesn’t support HDR10+ so there is nothing infuse can do.

Thank you.
I’m afraid you’re right, but who knows, maybe Apple will decide one day.

It seems that this is the way to go:

Once makeMKV implements that method I’ll provide a sample and hope that you can implement it in infuse.

its a bit early, even the MakeMKV guys say that their implementation is likely to change a little and to not re-rip your ISO’s yet…

Sorry for the delay in responding here.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there is much we can do with these files at the current time, at least until Apple adds support for additional DV profiles on Apple TV.

The files are effectively dual-layer Dolby Vision (DV profile 8) with HDR10 fallback, and the Apple TV only supports DV profile 5. Profile 5 is a true single-layer DV with no HDR10 fallback.

Currently, Infuse will happily pick up the underlying HDR10 layer in these files and use that for playback.

We’re keeping an eye on this for the future though to see if anything changes.


Disappointing to hear, but understood. Thank you for keeping on top of this. Was looking forward to reriping my DV discs now that things have been “solidified”, but it seems as of now there is no need just yet. Hopefully things will change in the future. Thanks for all of your hard work!!

Makemkv just updated to support new version of DV in mkv but as James said it doesn’t change what ATV can play

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MKV released support for Dolby Vision. And MakeMKV now can make mkv files with DV from Blu-Ray disc copies (BDMV folder).

So waiting for mkv dv support in Infuse

This has been brought up a few times earlier this year as makemkv started adding this support. Unfortunately, only profile 5 is supported by the Apple TV which is generally for streaming and not used in Blu-ray rips. The only option is to use an nvidia shield to play these.

Here are Apple TV specs

Makemkv thread