Add Direct URLs in bulk

It would be nice if I could point Infuse to a text file that has all the direct URLs I want in the library. Even if it was just a single time upload bulk add it would be nice, but even better if it would sync with the file.

Even if I could just add a text file via what used to be called “iTunes File Sharing” (in the Finder now, not sure what they call it). I’m just wanting to move all my stuff to Direct URLs, and putting them in one at a time is not a great way to handle it.

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Another way to handle it would be to support .webloc files (or some other form of URL as file). You could create a simple share with a file for each URL.

Noticing this suggestion:

Adding support for .strm files would be one solution to this.

+1 Would love to see this feature

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Instead of adding an episode individually.

This is not supported at the present time, but I’ve moved your post to a currently running suggestion thread. :slight_smile:

Hi, adding Direct URL links works fine all the while for single url. How do we add multiple url links easily without adding 1 by 1. Can we use .m3u playlist for this purpose. I’ve tried but only the first url could import. Anyone has tried this? Thank you.