Add Direct Links to Infuse for tvOS?

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Is it possible to add a Movie over a direct Link (http-Link to a mp4-file for example) to Infuse for tvOS?

Or maybe a Dropbox-Link?

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^this would be awesome

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+1 for this feature

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It’s supported on iOS, so it’s definitely some we can look at doing.

Though…do you really want to point and click to enter a URL on the Apple TV?

Ok Great!

Maybe there is a possibility to Import a List with direct links to the Infuse AppleTV App? Maybe with a User Account Information Import or something like this…

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Yes easy as cake with the iOS Apple remote app
please add that feature.
Some other Apple TV apps do it (VLC…)

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Still nothing, it will be best to add links on phone and sync automaticaly with tvOS


Please add this feature to infuse 6!!!

Also please add iCloud synchronization for added Links and their Metadata, that would be very helpful!

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This is available in Infuse 6.0.3 which is now available. :slight_smile:

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I just attempted this with Infuse Pro 6.1.8 (2774) and it prompted to open Infuse but nothing played.

The same code on iOS with the same Infuse version works though?

I can not find option to add a Movie over a direct Link to Infuse 6 Pro for tvOS .
Or it require IOS device like IPAD ?

There isn’t an option, it’s the ability to open a video from another app or a web page.

It’s documented here, although it’s written that it’s iOS only (which may explain why it only partially works on tvOS).

Thank you for replying
For further clarification, can I play a video via its link? If that is possible, then how to run it on Apple TV without using another device

You would need to build an app to do this. The current implementation does not work correctly though, you can launch Infuse with a link but the video will not play.

Thank you so much

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