Add Day and Date Aired on TV Shows

The subjects sums up my request.


Bringing this one back up.

I’d really like to see the “originally aired” date for TV series episodes.

One benefit would be being able to match cross over episodes from one series to another.

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Yes, date aired would be Very helpful.

This is definitely one thing I miss from Plex.

James, please tell us that you plan to add the date aired.


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I keep hoping each update will add the date aired field. James, please?

Yes this feature will be great

Bringing this back up since it’s been shuffled off the first 7+ pages and I’d still really like to see the “originally aired” date for TV series episodes.

I’m hoping this bit of meta comes first. Followed by better cast lists, cast bios, ratings and reviews.

+1 from me too. Recently made the move across from Plex and this is pretty much the only feature I miss due to cross over episodes.

I’d really like to see this feature get some traction and be placed on the upcoming features list in the suggestions area.

It could be displayed on the TV shows metadata without crowding. I’m pretty sure the API can gather this info when fetching metadata so that should be covered.

Having the episode aired date available would bring joy to my heart !!!

So ya noticed the “Pending” tag too. :slight_smile:

Just went looking for the option to enable this in the app and… nothing… Please add it!

Did you happen to notice that this thread is marked “Pending”? That means that the feature is on the short list for an upcoming version if all goes right. :slight_smile:

Keep your fingers crossed! :wink:

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Hey ?
What exactly means „Date aired“?
In Infuse is already shown the Production Year…
I don’t understand for what the „Date aired“ is for ?

The title of the thread may hold a clue. :wink:

TV Shows have a date that each episode airs for the first time.

Ah ok ?
But is this „Air Date“ a replacement for the Year, which is shown in the PreplaybackScreen?
Or is this customizable which is shown?