Add "Continuing/Ended" to TV Shows info and sort options in Library

In the Library, I’d like to be able to see a list of TV Shows that have ended or are no longer in production as well as another list of shows that are continuing.

It’d be great to see that status also on the Series main page along with the rating, and release date.

Since this info appears to be already available through TVDB it should be an easy add.


Just a thought, but I like to know which of my TV Shows are still in production so I can look out for new seasons/episodes. I know TMDB provides this information in their API. Maybe Infuse could add this in during the transition planned for v7.1 ?

I moved this to a currently running thread.

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With the upcoming change to TMDB for TV metadata it seems like a good time to bring this back up so it could be added to the new changes.

Yep. Simple feature that adds value!

With the “remodeling” of the preplayback screens this would be a great time to include this in both the preplayback info and the Library.

Even just the ability to sort TV shows in the Library into 2 different categories of “Ended” and “Continuing” would help when organizing and picking a show to watch.