Add Collections to TV Shows and Others

The addition of Plex Collections on Infuse 6.1 was an awesome feature that people were requesting for quite some time. But why is it only to Movies? It’s useful in lots of other situations, and since it’s already implemented in movies, I can’t see a reason not to implement it on the other two categories.

Especially Animes. Most of them, when new seasons come out, are considered entirely new shows, so they have different names. So instead of having several seasons spread here and there, I like using collections to put them is a single folder, like this. But as Infuse doesn’t recognize collections for TV Shows (anime stills falls in that category), so what I get is this. Anime also usually put movies and OVAs as part of the series continuity and it’s nice having them in a collection, not all over the place again.

As for Other Videos, since they don’t usually come with metadata, Collections are basically the only way to organize them. So instead of having them organized, Infuse just shows them all over the place.

TL;DR: Would it be possible to add collections to all Plex Library Types (TV Shows and Other Videos) instead of just for Movie Librarys?

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