Add Collections to Favourites?

Please allow Collections to be “favourited”.

I made a couple of custom collections to enable quick access to a subset of my TV series - but it’s not actually quick access - I have to go to Library then Collections and the scroll though all my collections to find the specific one.

Having a collection on the front page in the favourites list would be so much more convenient.


Now that we can pin the custom collections to the home screen can we also get the ability to add them to the Favorites?


Hello good day.

I would like to make a proposal, the collections of movies are only grouped in the windows created by Infuse of ‘Library’ and ‘Movies’.

I think it would be a good idea and not very difficult to implement, and it is that the collections would also be grouped in the folders marked as ‘Favorite’ on the home screen.

I think I’ve explained myself well, sorry but I’m Spanish and I’m using Google translate.

Thanks in advance and greetings.

I moved your post to a currently running thread for this suggestion.

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I have to disagree with this part: as opposed to the “Library”, “Movies”, and “TV” buttons on the favorites bar, the favorited folders that appear there are to allow users to browse their file system as they’ve personally chosen to organize it — which enables users operating their own media servers to quickly locate specific content on them; and interact with them in uniquely different ways to Library items.

For an example of the latter: only through the Files menu can I locate a specific season of a television series and change every one of its episodes’ watched status all at once.

If I don’t already have all items in a collection grouped together in a specific folder on my file system, I certainly don’t want Infuse to randomly decide to show them as if they were. The entire point is that I can use the folders interface to locate all of my content where I expect it to be, because I likely put it there for a reason.

I believe this is exactly why Firecore provides both the user customizable Library views (including the “Movies” and “TV” favorites) — to allow users’ content to be browsed and organized based solely on the information contained in the contents’ metadata; and the folders view — to allow users to browse their content as it exists without regard to its associated metadata.

I see now I may have interpreted the previous request incorrectly — based on the topic of the thread to where @NC_Bullseye moved the request — and, if so, I apologize — because I’m 100% in favor of allowing collections to be pinned to the favorites bar (or otherwise to a similarly designed collections bar on the Home Screen).

(I interpreted the request as the op describing how they liked that collections were grouped in the library and “Movies” tab and wanted collections to also be grouped when browsing within the favorites folders on the Home Screen.)

Would love if custom collections could be added to favourites please :slight_smile:

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