Add collection to playlist

I made a playlist of movies. I then made a custom collection of tv shows by series.
Then I decided I would like to add the the collection to the playlist. Instead of just showing the series, it shows the episodes for each season not just the series. Made the playlist to long for browsing.
Does infuse not allow the tv series and movies to mix in a playlist?

A difference been a Playlist and a Collection is that a Playlist lists every item placed in it, while a Collection will collapse TV episodes into their series.

Therefore when you placed the Collection into the Playlist all the item in the collection were added to the playlist.

This is apparently the intended behaviour as 7.4.1 contained a “fix” to Playlists because they were incorrectly collapsing TV episodes into their series in 7.4.

It would be great if playlists from Plex could be ordered in seasons in stead of episodes. It gives a smoother, much nicer look and is much faster to scroll through.

One example is Curb Your Enthusiasm, of which I have all 11 Seasons, now is spread out over 100 files/episodes.