Add cloud drive service Pikpak support for streaming

Hi, there’s a new cloud drive server call Pikpak from Singapore.

It can easily download or BT files by add link to it’s official app or Telegram bot.

So it would be nice if Infuse can access files in Pikpak directly.

Thanks so much

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I think pCloud, Mega and Yandex are about as niche as Firecore is going to get with their cloud support. There are a few much larger cloud storage providers that are still unsupported, without knowing too much about the global Infuse userbase, it’s unlikely a new cloud provider from Singapore is going to be on the radar anytime soon. I would suggest trying the free versions of some of the clouds supported by Infuse and see how they handle your library, and in general be wary of any startup cloud storage provider. Without any knowledge of Pikpak specifically, I know lots have failed shortly after going live.

This is a “Suggestions” section of the forum and if you agree please feel free to add your support by liking the first post but if you don’t know about the product or feature being suggested you may want to do some research. :wink:

pCloud, Mega and Yonder also are good cloud drives.
Pikpak is new but it is very easy to use for telegram users, also have a fair speed and no limitation to network transfer.
It’s nice to add all cloud drivers together.

Bittorrent support is the main feature of Pikpak, so user and download and watch by Infuse if Infuse support directly.