Add button to skip to next/prev video

Next/Prev buttons don’t work if continuous playback is disabled. It should still be possible to skip to next video by clicking the buttons.



Those are actually chapter skip buttons. :slight_smile:

I suppose they seemed to work previously because I always used them in the last chapter and continuous playback loaded the next video.

Is there anything we can do to allow the next video to be loaded manually, but not automatically?

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Not in the current version. Sorry.

Possible to add an option which makes those buttons skip to the next video, instead of next chapter?

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Moving to suggestions. :slight_smile:

I like the Playlist function. I have for example a TopGear playlist. Now I like it to choose the random play. But if I don’t like the actual episode I hve to skip forward to the end to play the next episode. Is there a function to skip the whole episode/movie to the next random of the playlist?


Nothing to say?

Not in the current version.

Moving to suggestions for now.

Hello everyone - really REALLY basic request here, but how come we do not have a “skip to next video” / “go back to previous video” function in the player ?

We have the ability to advance (scrub) at 3 different speeds.
There is a ton-load amount of functionality that I’ll never use.
However, I can’t skip directly to next video in a play sequence ?

This is essential when doing a “shuffle” play.
By definition, shuffle will pick media at random.
That was a critical function to have, and devs be praised, it was finally available in v6.
But what when the shuffle provides something that you do not want to see? And you just want to skip to the next title?

Equally, sometimes I’ve felt like going back to the previous title I was proposed by shuffle, but that is just impossible.

Please devs, how hard can this be?

Many thanks, and congrats by the nice work so far.


Please could you add a “skip to next the video or previous video”.

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yes and they are useless as no one wants to skip chapter. we want to skip to the next video or skip to previous video.

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Did you make this suggestion Nov 2020?

If so it still has not been added.

This is a joke

Mais sur mon Apple TV les boutons suivant ne s’affiche pas

Is there any progress on this suggestion? It’s number one on my wishlist too and haven’t seen any movement for years since it was suggested.

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Also here. Infuse needs to add this in next update

Can you find out exactly what is the thinking about not having a skip next previous interface?

Iwill wait for a response. If not added I will demand a refund for Infuse. It is past a joke

Still no plans to add simple obvious skip next and stop in the play control interface.

Don’t ask me to make a suggestion as it is obvious requirement, plus have already done so.

What is wrong with the designers who cannot see the obvious importance of having a stop and play next/previous button.



In the interface of infuse when playing all video media, there is no option to select the playlist and the previous or the next, only the option to forward and backward the current video, I hope that the official can inject the current screen when playing media can support the list of other media at any time, and support the option of the previous and next video. Instead of automatically jumping to the next one after the current play is over.