Add background behind subtitles

This is now available in 5.9 which was released today.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Infuse 5.9 for iOS arrived at my iPhone today, but I just can’t find where to activate this feature. Can you help me out, James?

It’s available while playing a video in the Subtitles section of the Playback Menu (where you adjust all other subtitle appearance options).

This new option is called ‘Background’ and you can choose from varying levels of transparency, solid black, or turn it off completely.

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I’ve tested with 3 movies:

  • Movie with VOBSUB: No background option
  • Movie with PGS sub: No background option
  • Movie with Timed text: Works
  • Movie with one Timed text and one 5-CC1: Timed text works

I don’t understand this.

Apart from that, this should be a universal option under the playback section of the settings menu. It’s very cumbersome to have to adjust this for each movie. If you prefer to have transparent backgrounds on one movie you will definitely have it for every movie.

Rather disappointing :frowning:

The background (as well as many other subtitle styling options) are available for text-based subtitles like SRT. Subs with embedded styling elements (like SSA/ASS) or graphic based subs (like VobSub or PGS) do not have these options available.

With regard to styling, these options are configured via the Playback Menu but will apply to all videos played on that particular device, so you won’t need to adjust them for each video you play.

OK, thanks for the information.

For me this is really bad news as nearly all my DVDs ripped with MakeMKV contain VOBSUBs and alle my Blu-rays ripped with MakeMKV and converted with Handbrake contain PGS subs. I wasn’t aware of the difference. I guess many people will have the same problem. Is there any easy solution to fix it? Any program who converts VOB or PGS to text based?

At least it seems to work very well with the few movies I have with text based subs.


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You may try to download them in-app from OpenSubtitles. Usually get the one with most downloads. The major issue is that your rips may be out of synch with the subs (then some are crap, especially if the movie isn’t very popular). Otherwise google “convert sub to srt” (add “mac” or 'macOS" if you have a Mac). There are some free tools around.

Just wanted to extend a massive thanks to the makers of infuse for adding the background option.
The subs are now pretty much perfect.

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A really great improvement. Loving it.

Is there an option to increase the stroke size of a border around the subtitle font.
Like on the native AppleTV or kodi.
Semi transparent background is nice but I find it still too intrusive.

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