Add background behind subtitles

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Is there a way to add a background behind the subtitles like in quick time player, for a better readability? because if i change the color or add border and shadow subtitles aren’t always readable!

here an example


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I would like to see more options.
Currently there are only 3 sizes. I would like to see 2 sizes between those. Small is too small, medium is too large for me.
Also for the stroke size of a border around the subtitle font I would like to see more options.

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Agreed this would be very useful. Basically displaying the subtitles in a similar way the standard Apple TV software does.

The current formatting can be difficult to read with some moves when the background colour is similar to the subtitles. For example the default settings are very difficult to read with a black and white movie. The solution described by the OP (which is Apple’s solution for the Apple TV’s stock video renderer works well pretty much all the time with no movie specific adjustments required.

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Any ETA on this? Much needed to have subtitles clearly visible.

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At least SRT subtitles should look exactly like the subtitles of the native Apple TV player


Yes!! I want the subtitles background window as well! Like in any other player (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Plex, etc) . Weeks ago I had made a post in the tvOS forum just for this as well.


Yeah, it would be really nice if we could get response to this topic, after this is not addressed on the roadmap?
Can we get an option that at least SRT (text) subtitles look exactly like the native tvOS subtiltes, used by every other app?


Hi, why don’t we get an option to increase the shadow for subtitles? The current shadow is barely visible.


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This is an absolute must, and one of the few really important features lacking in Infuse by now in my opinion. I just don’t understand why it’s not implemented or even commented on by Firecore. “All” other apps has this, for far better readability. As a Norwegian with lots of american movies in my collection, where I use subtitles, I miss this a lot.

Together with video post-processing and sharpening options, planned for version 5.8, background behind subtitles would take Infuse a long step in the direction of perfection :slight_smile:


This topic about subtitle shadows is from 2016 !!! And no reply so far from admins.


This topic is in many different threads in this forum. In summary, most threads are talking about including background subtitles for better visibility. This is similar to how apps based on Apple TV native video players work. Examples will be the Netflix and Plex apps. Additionally, the need to not change the settings of subtitles for every film or show we watch.

I’ve posted the threads which talk about pretty much the same things with perhaps some minor changes. Perhaps we could all post our ideas about subtitles here if they’re not so different. That might make it easier to understand what we’re looking for.

Threads about subtitle backgrounds primarily, among other things. Not an exhaustive list. There are still more =].

Thread with James’ response.

Thank you.

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I would like to see auto download for subtitles, auto display embedded subs for specific languages if they exist

The sync feature is really hard to manage.

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+10 for this.
Just purchased infuse pro after many years of using Kodi and love the style and how simple it is to use, but the way the subtitles display is seriously making me consider going back.
Would love either a background colour behind subs, or the default tvOS subtitle display.
It’s such a shame that Kodi is the only app that really displays subs well.

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There are lots of improvements that can be made to the subtitle

  1. Adjust sync without pausing video
  2. Adjust sync using arrows (not just swipe)
  3. Adjust position using arrows and while video is running
  4. Option to position subtitles at the bottom of the video instead of an absolute position
  5. Option of Background semi transparent
  6. Remember the subtitle language from setting and select the subtitle if that language exists.
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All great ideas, and whenever media players dont allow sycing the easiest way is to use something like or on osx.

For me, the most important thing is legibility, and at the moment, there is not enough contrast.

Even something with a thicker stroke and heavy drop shadow would work, but I think the default AppleTV subs display with background colour would also be good enough.


I thought I had read somewhere that the subtitles background was to be introduced in 5.8.4? Are they there? I can’t find the option.

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I only think smallers sizes were introduced.
sadly, I think we are going to have to wait another year for this…

Honestly I don’t understand why the background doesn’t get implemented. It’s such a standard feature! When watching a TV Show the subtitles mix with the text a the beginning of an episodes (actors names and the like). They get unreadable.

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«Transparent background for subtitles (optional)»

Just perfect. Thank you, Firecore?

Yes! Please make it possible to use the default subtitles layout, the one with transparent background.