Add an option to remove items from Up Next and Watching

So… I have this Ratatouille situation here. I watched this movie on my iPad through Infuse Pro a few months ago, and I finished it, but it’s still there.

This is just one example. There are quite a few items in there that shouldn’t have been, or I no longer want to finish watching the rest. It would be a logical thing to add to the app that can allow me to remove an item from my Up Next list, otherwise it will just collect junks.

You can go to playlists and deselect them from the watching/up next playlist.

Sorry, may be I’m dumb, but my Playlist appears empty…


Oh, wait, this list is hidden, but can be accessed through the add to list pop up in the first picture.

It worked, thank you.

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This may be appearing in the Recently Added portion of Up Next.

Can you try adjusting the ‘Up Next List’ setting in Settings > General to ‘Watching Only’ and see if that helps?

Would it still have the watching bar across the bottom?

It was already set to “Watching Only” the all the time.

I’ve had some videos get stuck like that for me as well. Marking it as unwatched and then watched fixes the issue for me.

This may screw up Trakt records. I think.

Yes if you mark as unwatched it will remove all history from trakt. Something that I have sadly experienced on accident and there is no way to undo. :cry:. Best to just remove from the watching playlist.

Ah I see. I don’t use trakt so that didn’t come to mind. So marking it again as watched doesn’t update it on trakt?

It changes the date of “watched”