Add an option to disable the trailer button

Is it possible to add an option that optionally disable the trailer button under the ‘Play’ button, sometimes it just causes some trouble. it’s just my own idea, might not suitable for everyone, that I actually don’t wanna see the trailer before watching movie because the trailer can contain spoiler. The feature is fascinating but I just want an option. And moreover, the button is designed so long that may damage the original style.
And again, this is just my own maybe stupid idea.


An option to hide the Trailer button has been added in today’s 7.5.3 update.

This can be found in Settings > General.

With this disabled, Trailers can still be accessed via the context menu (long-press on a poster).


Thanks for this! Nice to have the “Mark as Watched/Unwatched” button back.

With the ability to play trailers using the context menu it’s perfect for me. :+1:


Yea, that’s wonderful

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