Add an extra folder structure support for TV shows

Hi there,

Is there any chance we can get an additional folder format added to how Infuse identifies TV shows?

Plex is now advising a good way to set up your folders is splitting out the original versions and optimised versions. Their thinking behind this is so you can set different read/write permissions on either folder. So your original media folder is read only and can’t be accidentally deleted through Plex. And then giving Plex read/write to the Optimised folder.

So optimised versions of TV Shows reside in a folder structure as follows:
/TV Shows/Plex Versions/Optimized for Mobile/show name/S01E01.mp4

I can’t change this, Plex decides the folder structure. I only get to choose the top folder.

Other than accidental deletion, splitting the original version and optimised version into different folders also provides another benefit. In Infuse, on different devices I can just point to one or the other folder. I’m never going to want low res on my TV, and never high res on my mobile devices.

This particular structure is not supported by Infuse as per your support article here: Metadata 101 – Firecore So when adding this folder Infuse does not identify TV shows, shows are listed in Infuse as S01E01, S01E02 and so on without their titles. If Infuse supported show name/S01E01.mp4 I believe that should fix the problem, and I hope that it is easy for you to implement.

I can sync on Infuse via Plex which does identify each show, but two reasons why it’s not ideal. I want to move as far away from Plex as possible and make Infuse my ‘go to’ media player. I still have to select which version of a show I want to watch, losing the second benefit I described above.

Thanks for listening, I hope that all makes sense.

I’m hoping I might be able to get a little feedback on this. Whether this would be easy to implement so might be considered?

So with the release of 6.1 I was excited to see in the notes, ‘Resolved incorrect display of TV episode filenames’. Unfortunately you didn’t fix this.