Add an "Are You Sure" step in the icloud settings

It seems that as soon as you click on the icloud sync it’s started and can really mess things up if you didn’t mean to turn it on. Just a verification of “Are you sure you want to turn On/Off iCloud sync?” would give you a chance to stop a mistaken click since the iCloud sync and Library are close and the library for me gets used often.


While we’re at it, please treat the checkmark next to selected library sources the same. I’ve accidental nuked my libraries just by picking up the phone wrong, resulting in a source becoming unchecked.

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Definitely agree with both.

I’m going to revive this suggestion just because I just got fat fingers again and accidentally clicked the iCloud sync button in the settings to “Off” and right back to “On” but you can’t beat the switch. When you do this Infuse appears to go through a major sync with iCloud that takes over an hour or even a few hours versus the normal “less than a minute” to sync after changes.

Can we please get an “ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO TURN iCloud Sync OFF” warning?

And as @danemacmillan said, one for the library changes too???

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