Add additional genres to movies

Is there a way to add additional genres to mkv files that already have pre-populated metadata. I have a number of concert videos that are labeled as “Movies”, i would like to add a “concert” genre to them.


If you are using Plex, you can easily add genres to various videos by using the Edit option in the Plex web UI.

If not using Plex, you can add an XML file to the videos you’d like to add genres (or other details for). Simply give the XML file the same name as the video, and place them both in the same location. A sample XML file can be found here. Inception

If i understand you correctly, I just create an xml file with the same name and the movie will retain the original metadata from IMDB and it will add the “genre”. I might be doing something wrong because it didn’t work, it deleted all the original metadata and only shows the “genre” information.

All of my movies are finally on one box, but for Concerts, I just keep all concerts in their own folder and then use that favorite to access them. You can also do this with Plex with the one folder and a favorite.

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The XML file will be used in place of the info from TMDb, so you would need to add a description, cast, directors, etc… as well.

Thanks James. So basically the only way I can add genres is to replace the original xml file.

Yes, you can add genres by using XML files, or by using Plex and setting your own genres.

Aside from that, Infuse will use and display genres as provided by TMDb and TheTVDb.

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