Add actor information page

I think add actor information page is good,thank you


Now that my metadata update has completed, the actor page is working as of 7.1, thank you :grin:

May I suggest that this page is improved a little? Perhaps with the actor bio, birthdate etc. Also, would it be possible to split the TV & Movies into TV & Movie sections instead of it being just a collection/mashup of the two?

Not sure if this data can be pulled from The MovieDb without copyright issues, but it’s worth asking :slight_smile:



I absolutely love this new information, thank you.

One suggestion is that it would be great if Infuse showed other shows/movies in their credits that I don’t have. The question “what do I know them from?” can’t be answered if I don’t have anything else with them in it.

It would be fine (to me) if Infuse did a query at the time of clicking their name (or even a “what else are they in” button). Artwork isn’t even necessary, a list of shows (in date order) would be great to answer that question (obviously artwork would be great but I’m not sure what kind of database access that would require [How many requests you get a day]). I suppose if just the text was stored locally, it wouldn’t take much space.

Being able to access this data while still in the movie, such as from the top menu where captioning and audio choices are, would be great without having to leave the movie have my Apple TV change the matched settings and come back to the movie.

Thank you for constantly improving an already great product!
Gary LaPointe


I imagine it could be implemented in a non-persistent, query on demand model to avoid the database creep issues. Perhaps a long-press on an actor’s photo will generate a “search actor bio” button, which then pulls up all the info TMDB has on that actor, with titles in your collection either highlighted while titles not in your collection are grayed-out, or vice versa, depending on user preference.

Infuse would pull the actor profile from TMDB on demand, but cross reference that with its previously generated internal database to figure out which titles in the actor’s bio should be highlighted and linked to titles in the user’s library.

Or something like that… just spitballin’.


The member that posed that thought never did start a new suggestion thread for this so now is as good a time as any. :wink: Don’t want to derail the other suggestion with this one.

I’d like to see this if the info wasn’t retained, just a query to TMDB and display the results but not add it to the Infuse database. Then if something looked interesting you could go look for a source.


Plex just implement this and other related features (actor wiki, actor best known for, full work bio, etc). They’re calling it Discover Credits. For many of us it’s the best new feature they’ve ever put out. James, is there any chance James might give us anything similar?

If not, can you maybe give us a hyperlink in Infuse that brings the user to the Plex detail page?

As always, the frustration is that Infuse is so superior to Plex in all non-meta issues. Sigh.


I’ve been using both Plex client and infuse to stream my Plex server, infuse is better on every single aspect.
One thing I miss though is the “known for” feature in Plex. When clicking on an actor it shows the movies/tvshows they’re known for, not necessarily only the ones in my library.
I believe that’s an available API through TMDB and since infuse is already paying for that, I’m hoping they’d implement this feature as well.

I know this might take a decade before it’s even considered but I’m just leaving here =D

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Yup … actor biographic info is all there for the taking.

But Firecore would need to code a new page for each flavor of their app to grab and display the info when you search for an actor (or click on their photo) and present the information in an interactive way; distinguishing content available in your library from content you don’t have — my idea being that the posters for the films or series you don’t have get grayed-out to show they can’t be clicked, and when navigating through the posters your position indicator just skips over the ones you haven’t got.

Don’t think that would take a ton of work, but it definitely would consume a fair bit of time making sure you didn’t break anything else while coding it.

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Many times when I’m watching a movie or TV show I see an actor and I’m like “Where did I see him/her before?”. So I click on the actor’s thumbnail that Infuse displays, only to reveal just the movie I’m watching, so I have to go to IMDB and look it up because it’s eating my brain and I can’t think of anything else.
Would it be great to get that info displayed within in Infuse?
Showing movies that actor appear even if they’re not in our libraries?
That way we don’t have to interrupt the viewing experience for too long.

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Here’s a suggestion thread for that.

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Any update on this? It shouldn’t be hard to implement a feature such as the one Plex has where you select the a cast member and it shows a bio and all their movies instead of just the ones you have on your server. Plus, lots of missing photos and information. Where is Infuse pulling the data from?


Good morning,
I have a question about the overall appearance of the Infuse interface:
Wouldn’t it be interesting from a database perspective if there was a possibility to display what we have and what we don’t have. Let me explain :
When we do a search, the app gives us a result based on what our DataBase has.
But it could also tell us “in ghost mode” what the research gives on the totality of what the actor has achieved, for example?
Am I clear enough?

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Are you referring to frustrating fact that the app only lets you see other things in your library a given actor was in? Yeah it would be cool to show more than that. Like from IMDb or something.

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Yes, that’s it.
Place the elements present among your files in ghost mode.
But present the rest of the career of the actor or director.
How can a software like Kodi do it?