Add actor information page

I think add actor information page is good,thank you


Now that my metadata update has completed, the actor page is working as of 7.1, thank you :grin:

May I suggest that this page is improved a little? Perhaps with the actor bio, birthdate etc. Also, would it be possible to split the TV & Movies into TV & Movie sections instead of it being just a collection/mashup of the two?

Not sure if this data can be pulled from The MovieDb without copyright issues, but it’s worth asking :slight_smile:



I absolutely love this new information, thank you.

One suggestion is that it would be great if Infuse showed other shows/movies in their credits that I don’t have. The question “what do I know them from?” can’t be answered if I don’t have anything else with them in it.

It would be fine (to me) if Infuse did a query at the time of clicking their name (or even a “what else are they in” button). Artwork isn’t even necessary, a list of shows (in date order) would be great to answer that question (obviously artwork would be great but I’m not sure what kind of database access that would require [How many requests you get a day]). I suppose if just the text was stored locally, it wouldn’t take much space.

Being able to access this data while still in the movie, such as from the top menu where captioning and audio choices are, would be great without having to leave the movie have my Apple TV change the matched settings and come back to the movie.

Thank you for constantly improving an already great product!
Gary LaPointe


I imagine it could be implemented in a non-persistent, query on demand model to avoid the database creep issues. Perhaps a long-press on an actor’s photo will generate a “search actor bio” button, which then pulls up all the info TMDB has on that actor, with titles in your collection either highlighted while titles not in your collection are grayed-out, or vice versa, depending on user preference.

Infuse would pull the actor profile from TMDB on demand, but cross reference that with its previously generated internal database to figure out which titles in the actor’s bio should be highlighted and linked to titles in the user’s library.

Or something like that… just spitballin’.


The member that posed that thought never did start a new suggestion thread for this so now is as good a time as any. :wink: Don’t want to derail the other suggestion with this one.

I’d like to see this if the info wasn’t retained, just a query to TMDB and display the results but not add it to the Infuse database. Then if something looked interesting you could go look for a source.