Add a toggle option to analyze metadata from files instead of receiving it from server

Present problem: when using a server (Jellyfin, Emby, Plex), Infuse relies on information from the server to create tags - for example, HDR/Doby Vision tags. What this causes, using Plex as an example, is that we don’t have a way of knowing a file is HDR10+ compatible, having no tag indicating it, since Plex itself doesn’t have that information.

Solution: add a toggle option, in Settings, to analyze the file data, instead of using what the server provides. This will create libraries slower (hence it being optional), but would give the user correct information.

I’m suggesting this after reading this response from James, and assuming it’s a smaller change, since Infuse already has the code to read the metadata from files but it’s opting to trust the server to reduce load time.